Television & Films

True West

A play by Sam Shepard that analyzes the connection between 2 brothers. Experimenting with different editing techniques and lighting scenarios, we took the first scene of the play and cast two real brothers to see what would happen.

I ‘heart’ the Apocalypse

Part 1 of a series of shorts. We shot this on only an iPhone 3gs to prove a point: expensive equipment is not needed to make a good film, but only talent and good writing is actually needed. Originally going to be part of a film made up of a series of shorts to be shown at Sundance Film Festival, with Ron Perlman introducing each short. That film got scrapped due to a producer dropping the ball. We are currently reproducing this with higher production value.

Mental Patience

Part 2 of a series of shorts. This is a prequel to I ‘heart’ the Apocalypse. Done as a student film to accompany I ‘heart’ the Apocalypse, we are currently rewriting and reproducing this series with higher production value.

Fantasy Fiasco

Part 3 of a series of shorts. Sticking with an earlier idea, Fantasy Fiasco is a pre-cursor to Part 1 and 2 of this series. Also done as an accompanying piece to the earlier shorts.

I Heart the Apocalypse (Updated)

An updated shoot of our Iphone only original.

Message Sent

A scene from a longer script written by James Bush. WOWJP hopes to produce the full length film in due time.